Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where is Spring?


I thought Phil (the groundhog) predicted an early spring. And my calendar said IT IS Officially Spring. So...where is it? maybe we didn't get feet and feet of snow, but we have had these annoying rain/mix messes, along with gloomy days, cold winds, and just CRAP! I am so ready for warm weather. 
I even have started on a summer wardrobe for the kids, packed away last years old summer stuff and restocked it with new clothes for this summer. Of course, winter clothes are still our main wardrobe, but I wanted to get ready for summer. 
And to add to the depression (AKA: Winter Blues) my in-laws are in Cozumel, Mexico right now, and my parents leave for Punta Cana tomorrow. WTH? Really.....meanwhile back in JERSEY....its gonna be snowing. Anywho...that is my rant, it needed to be said! :-)

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