Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here I am...

I am still here. I was in PA for a few days. Had so much fun with a night out with my sister and friends. And visited with family, and Ryan got to spend time with his grandparents and cousin. Did some good shopping. Overall had a good time. Wish the weather was a bit better. It was cold and rainy there, and suppose to be in the 80s here and sunny. So I am kinda glad to be back home. But being home means back to reality, back tomy busy crazy life. I had to call to see if we can get mulch this weekend. And then I have to get the AC fixed in my van, then spend some $$ at Walmart with the gift cards my mom got us. Then I have a dentist appt at 5pm, for 2 hours. I have lots of work that needs to be done. I really don't feel like sitting in a chair that long....but, its gotta be done. And then tomorrow will be raking the pine straw up all day. And Saturday will be laying mulch down. SOOOO much to do. And we kinda have to do it this weekend, cause next weekend, my mother in law is coming down to watch Ryan, while Tom and I go to Asheville for the weekend. :-)
Have a wonderful weekend and a HAPPY EASTER!!

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