Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear 'ol Blog...

can I vent to you??

I feel like CRAP...that is in all caps too!

I had a dentist appt. last night from 5pm-8pm. I had to have a tooth build up and crown. Easy, right? Never for me. So I ended up having my gum tissue cauterized off. HORRIBLE. I was given Vicoden for pain. And after I finally got home, I started to get a sore throat. WONDERFUL!!!
I was up almost every hour with my sore throat getting worse by the hour. This morning, I can barely swallow, and the pain is so intense. My body is achy and cold, I am exhausted. And..just my doctors office is closed for Good Friday.
Luckily in NC we have Urgent Care and Minute Clinics, gonna try them and see what they say. They aren't as nice or reliable as a doctor (they are usually Nurse Practitioners). Once they told me I had allergies, and I actually had an infection in my sinus, adenoids, and tonsils. But at least they have a Strep Test, so that is something that can't really be wrong. And Tom is gonna be home by noon to help me out. Plus we are getting mulch tomorrow, and I need strength to help him. This is the shitty part about living so far from family. We have to fend for ourselves when the going gets rough.

Well I am going to get a bath and dressed and get Ryan ready, so I can go see somebody to give me some meds.


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