Friday, March 19, 2010


Since I miss my Mustangs terribly..ok..maybe just the one mustang. The other one was a '78 Mustang II, and a piece of poo. Apparently it really wasn't i just didn't know how to drive an old car. One that I had to pump the gas pedal to start and if you did it too much you would flood the car and it wouldn't start...yeah...that old.  And then in 2001, I bought myself a new 2001 Mustang a yellow one...and it was my baby. I put a sunroof in it. Ahhh it was heaven. So given a minivan to drive and not being able to park the bohemiath, I decided to rent me one for this gorgeous weekend. It was 77* today and gonna be 78*. I will return it tomorrow night :-( But for now...I am having my 24 hours of fun. :-) Pics attached:


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