Thursday, December 25, 2008


Well let me start with saying Christmas Eve was Christmas Hell. It was horrible. First it started with my car accident, then we tried to go to church, and they closed the entrance, cause it was too packed. Their are like 2 catholic churches in the whole state of NC. So we missed out on that. Then we went to Walmart and some lady was blocking a parking spot with a shopping cart. She was saving it for a friend. So Tom had a few choice words, that I will not repeat on here, for her.

So that brings me to today, Christmas Day. We woke up and Ryan was like WOAH! Cause I had the Christmas Tree all lite up and gifts under the tree. I feel so bad, that I didn't have alot of gifts. But he just had a birthday and the grandparents are bringing more this weekend. Here are some pics of Ryan:

And then here is my WONDERFUL Christmas present:
A Couch Purse

It was lonely after we were done opening gifts. It was just Tom, Ryan and I. My parents are flyign in at 3pm tomorrow. Then my inlaws will be here Sat.night. So we have lots of guest coming and I am soooo excited to see them, and get to open all the gifts in my garage, that were mailed down to us. :-)

So tomorrow I will be cleaning and getting ready for guest.


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