Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I am still in denial that Christmas is tomorrow.

Anyway, my plans today did not go quite according to plan. But when do they ever?
Anyway, went to the spa, then had to go to the grocery store to get some stuff, they didn't have what I needed, so I walked out. Went to back out of a tiny parking spot, thanks to people who can't park next to me. And when I went to back out...BAM! I hit a car. You'd think with the back up camera I would have seen it, but it was a fender bender on the corner bumpers. And some old women who couldn't park her car was getting involved. She wasn't even involved in the accident, so I told her she couldn't even park and that got her to shut up. It's NUTS around here, literally. People EVERYWHERE.
My spa session was nice. The people's car I hit, were very nice. No one was hurt, just some scratches. I am now home, and have to leave for Church in an hour. We are going to the Children's Mass tonight. And then I am gonna let Ryan open 1 sticker book for Christmas. Its about the birth of Jesus. Then hopefully we all sleep peacefully, and have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow.

Oh and I forgot to mention how my family parents started an argument with me today. On Christmas Eve for Lord's sake. Now when they fly in, they want me to bring the Mustang to the airport and they can just drive right home. You know why? My sister, her husband and the baby have been staying at my parent's house cause they are sick. Of course they can't take of their own child. Seriously, who can do that when their sick? (being sarcastic) I am so irritated at them right now. They don't even go to church anymore. All they do, is take care of my sister's baby. When will my sister ever grow up?

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