Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Can this year just end now?

Last night Ryan was crying alot in his bed. So I went in to check on him, and he vomited all over his bed, sheets, pillow, etc. So we cleaned him up, and gave him a bath and brought him in bed with us, shortly after, he vomited again. This time all over my new 500 thread count sheets. UGH!!! So we cleaned up again, and this time, I woke up my mother in law who is still here to help us. This was like 11pm. So she helped us and we headed down stairs, and used an air mattress. Ryan then continued to vomit till after midnight. This time, we had a trashcan. So Tom and I are exhausted. And I had to be at the OB/GYN at 9am. I have been having some issues, and now need an ultrasound for possible ruptured ovarian cyst. I am having cramps as I write this, I have had them for 2.5 weeks now. Well I am gonna lay down. Ryan is doing 100% better, so Tom took his parents and Ryan to the park, so I can rest. And hopefully the new year brings in some good fortune for us.


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