Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 more days!!!!

WOW...Christmas really flew in this year, huh?
I am glad I am done my holiday shopping. I didn't get anyone a whole lot, but it is a bad year for everyone, financially. So I guess no one will really mind. So here is our plans:

Tomorrow (Christmas Eve): I am going to a spa to use the hydration station, that's at 11:30am. Then we might go to Church. We haven't been to one yet. And I dread Christmas Eve mass with a 2 year old. So we'll see.
Christmas Day: Open Presents, Making Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Watching the Disney Parade, and then calling family. Then our Christmas Dinner, Ham, Veggies, Stuffing and Rolls.
12/26: Parent's flight comes in at 3pm. Tom goes to work for a day then is off till Jan. 5th.
12/27: Parent's leave in the morning with my Mustang. (My dad is buying it from me) Then my inlaws are driving down here and expected at dinner time.
12/28-12/31: Inlaws visit
12/31: We do absolutely noting for New Year's Eve. I love it and stay up and watch it, but Tom and Ryan just go to bed.
1/1: Nothing...usually a BORING day!
1/2-1/4: Nothing on the agenda
1/5: Tom goes back to work, I have my new Ob/Gyn appt, and I start school that night.



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