Friday, November 14, 2008

Still not 100%

Ok, so I am still not 100% well. I still have a scratchy throat, post nasal drip and a red eye. Someone suggested allergies. I think I am gonna pop some Benadryl tonight.

Weekend Plans:
Tonight: Go look at more minivans. I hope we get one tonight!
Tomorrow: Cleaning out the apartment. We still have it till the end of the month. So we have to really clean it, and get all of our stuff out ASAP.
Sunday: Craft Show at the NC State Fairgrounds

I hate cleaning, so I hope the apartment cleaning doesn't take long. It shouldn't, we have most of the stuff out anyway. So maybe a an hour or two. It's raining here today and suppose to rain tomorrow as well. So a dreary weekend!

Have a Good One!

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