Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 4

Today is day 4 of having a sore throat. Man, they just really suck. I have been loading up on garlic pills (natural antibiotic) and Vitamin C. The only thing that works instantly is my couch syrup and motrin. What a great cocktail :-)

Anyway, I went to Ulta last night and got thus mascara:
Cover Girl's Exact Eyelights. Its suppose to brighten your eyes by 4x's. And since I have dark brown eyes, I was excited to get this, and the fact that 2 were left on the shelf made me think this really works. Um..NO! It didn't make my eyes look any different and it was clumpy. So it's going back today. I have no idea what I am gonna try now. I want some colors that really bring out my eyes.


Anyway, thats the agenda for today. Taking my mascara back. Hopefully work on some school work. And clean. Well its smells like someone pooed. I will TTYL!


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