Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mad Mom in the Minivan

I am officially looking for a Minivan. Now we are not looking at brand new, they are just way too much money. We are looking for the Certified Pre-Owned. And these minivans are AWESOME! They come with leather (that our preference), DVD player, sunroof, automatic pedals, automatic doors, automatic seats, heated seats, dual zone heating and cooling (people in the back can control their own heat), oh and TONS of room. This would be perfect for our trips to and from PA.
So here are the ones we settled on:



Now I know when I was w/o child, I used to say I would never get a minivan. Well once you have a kid, its a luxury to have one. And when you drive 7+ hours with a toddler, you will also see how luxurious they can be!


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