Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sick Again?

Well it started out I was all congested 2 weeks ago. Then last week Ryan got sick with congestion and a sore throat. And now this week I have the sore throat. Tom was sick somewhere in the mix.

We have had some frost in the mornings, so that should kill some of the viruses out there. I am gonna wipe down everything in the house with bleach today.

And it can't be the flu, I had my flu shot for this year. I am just tired, really really tired. Ryan is still not 100%, going on a week now of him waking up at night, and fussing, and whining. And I just can't take it anymore...I really can't.

Only....15 more days till we go home to PA. And I am gonna let anyone and everyone take over. Its gonna be my break. Since I have no one here in NC to help me out, ever.

My agenda for today is NOTHING...and tonight, its gonna be watching Dancing with the Stars, shower, bed! In that order! :-)


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