Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The soup is tainted, I repeat...the soup is tainted!!!

Yes...at Perkins restaurant, it is. My parents flew in from PA today. Staying till Thursday (way too short of a visit, but I'll take it). And everything went great till dinner tonight. I had cheddar broccoli and about 30 mins afterwards, got diarrhea and had horrible pains, and vomiting. I am concluding this is food poisoning. I have had it before and the pains are the same. No painkiller is working. I have taking 2 different pills and shots of Pepto Bismol.
I am on the couch with my favorite blanket and my soft pillow. Hoping that it passes soon. My sister said to go to the ER. Well I would not make it the whole car ride first off, and second off, having had this before, they just tell you to wait it out. It has to work its way through your system, and to stay hydrated. So why waste my time and theirs. I am not dying...not yet I hope. LOL! Hey at least I still have my sense of humor. Best medicine of all, huh? Seriously though, I was on my knees at the toilet praying to God to just take the pain away. It was THAT bad.
The pain is starting to subside alittle, and I haven't had any bad episodes in the past 20 mins. So I am thinking this thing is almost over. God, I hope so!

Send some prayers, that I get to enjoy my one more day with my parents. PLEASE!!!

Thanks, Leighann

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Momma Will said...

Sorry you got so sick tonight Leigh! I hope it passes and you feel much better when its gone! This happened to me actually about 2 weeks ago, I was sooo sick. I had my butt on the toilet and the trash can in my hands. Yuck! But I felt way better and slept so soundly when it was done :)