Monday, August 18, 2008


I am one of the biggest haters of smoking. I tell people all the time how much I hate it. I actual hate it so much, that my mother who is coming this week, has to stay in a hotel, cause her clothes reek of smoke. She smoked around me and my sister growing up and we both have bad asthma.
Anyway, my point we were sitting on our screened in porch of the apartment and the guy below us starts smoking out on his porch. We could smell it so bad up where we were. I made my husband get air freshener and spray it on our porch. It sometimes gets so bad, we have to go back inside. Now why..why..WHY should I have to suffer for someone else who smokes? I don't want to inhale second hand smoke, yet I don't have a choice. I really thing cigarettes should be banned totally from the US. Send all the smokers to their own country. It is one subject that really gets me fired up. My home is totally smoke free. I am started to make people not even come into my house if they smell like cigarettes. You don't like it...leave!

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