Friday, August 22, 2008

Parent's Visit

The visit with my parents has now come and gone. Life literally does fly by so quickly. I was really sad to see them go. Distance does make the heart grow fonder. We had so much fun.
Tuesday - I picked them up at 11:30am. We went to the mall, had lunch, shopped, then I took them to their hotel. I picked them back up around dinner time, and we went out to eat and drove around the area. This is when I got ill. So we took them back to their hotel for the night.
Wednesday - I picked them up around 10am. We went to see the planes at the airport deck, went to the lake, got lunch, went back to my apartment, went swimming, and took them back to their hotel. We then again picked them up for dinner, showed them houses we are interested in, and took them back to the hotel for the night.
Thursday - I dropped them off at the airport at 9:30am for their flight home.
It just wasn't long enough at all. :-( But I have to say it was ALOT of fun, and I miss them so much now.
Here are some pics from the visit:

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