Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gloomy, Grouchy, and Grumpy

That describes me lately. I hate cold cloudy weather, and I swear I have seasonal depression, cause everyday that it continues to be like this, the more depressed I get.
Its MAY, Mother Nature, lets get out of the 50 degree weather. I am so glad I am moving south. I can't stand it being spring, and I have to wear flannel PJs and keep my heat on.
Can anyone tell me the last time the sun was out? No joke, here in Reading, I can tell you, its been at least a week. I have no desire to even leave my house anymore. And my DVR is not working, so I can't even watch my recorded shows. And no sense in fixing it if I am moving in a few weeks. I am just gonna cancel it anyway.
Sorry to be Negative Nancy or Grumpy Gus, but its just been hell here. We got an offer on the house, and it was less that what we paid for it. It was insulting. And there is nothing to do, too cold, always raining, no money. And Ryan is teething, so he is being a grumpy gus with me.

Oh..well (Here's to better days)!

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