Monday, May 5, 2008

In remembrance....

of my Aunt Margie! She died back in 2002 with Hep C. And when we were younger, before we even knew she was sick, we used to visit her home in Gettysburg, PA. And she had a screened in porch off the kitchen, which was on the second floor, so it was up high, and it overlooked the mountains. And everytime we would visit, she would make pancakes, eggs, saugsage, bacon, etc. every morning. You would wake up to the smell of it. Then we would all eat on the porch and you could see the sun coming over the mountains. It was the best thing ever. Family was together, food was good, and nature was BEAUTIFUL! I just hope my home in NC feels that homey. And I hope I get some kind of view like that. :-)

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