Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's going on?

With me? I know, its been a week almost since I have blogged. Shame on me!
Anyway...its been nice not being in school. I checked out some books from the library and reading my heart out. Something that I LOVE to do. And we tore down all the wallpaper from our stairway. That was ALOT of work, took us all week. And I finally got my new glasses. Its taking me a while to adjust to them, not sure how I like them. It was slim pickins at the at the store, when it comes to prices. We got about 4 inches of snow here. And I never got to go to that book signing. So today looks like we are gonna get some paint for the house. And just chill. Tom went to iHop to get some breakfast. YUM! And tomorrow I have CPR training from 8-1. So other than that...nada! Pretty much a laid back week coming up too. I have alot of stuff coming up in March, so I am excited to be busy. And hopefuly get Ryan an Easter outfit, and go see the Easter Bunny at the mall.
Well thats all I have for now.


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Eileen said...

Hey - I just got another coupon for Picture People in my email. I'd love to take Jack to get an Easter pic done in the next week or two. If you've picked out Ryan's outfit, want to do that together at Wyomissing?