Saturday, February 23, 2008

So I've been thinking....

about NC alot. And a part of me is nervous, which I'm sure is totally normal and expected. But another part of me is sooo excited and so ready to go. I finally feel like this is the right thing to do. And I have ben praying about it everyday. God will lead me there, if this is meant to be. And I shall follow. And we are doing alot of repairs and remodeling on our house incase we have to sell it. But hey...if it doesnt work out, then we get stay in this nicely remodeled house. Can't beat that?

And another thing I am learning is to keep my mouth shut!! I have a tendency to spill my heart out to everyone. And with this move to NC (some people - who shall remain nameless) really don't want us to go. And will give me every reason in the book not to go. So for now, I am just not even brining it up to them. I figure after we have the house picked out and are ready to go I will tell them. I am learning that some things that you know will cause conflict are better left unsaid, until absolutely necessary. Its been keeping me out of drama, and stress-free.

So lately I have been feeling pretty good. I went out to get my mail and saw my neighbor and he says "Im waiting for spring" haha! I ahd to laugh, cause as I am avoiding ice spots, and walking over snow just to get my mail, I am thinking the same exact thing.

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