Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting Better!

Well I went back to the animal rescue league this morning, and there in one of the cages sits, HERSHEY!!! Yes, someone found him. Thank GOD!!! Bad thing is he peed all over the back seat of my car and it stinks like pee so bad. Its not coming out.
I got new glasses at America's Best in King of Prussia, so I hope these ones turn out better. They were $40 cheaper too.

We started tearing down the wallpaper that went up my stairs (that gold ugly wallpaper). Its alot of work, but we're getting there. We have alot of home projects we are gonna be working on.

1.) Paint: Living Room, Foyer, Upstairs and Hallway (Beige)

2.) Redo Master Bath (double shower, pedastal sink, new toliet, floor & paint)

3.) Repaint Powder Rm and put up border

4.) Get carpets clean

5.) Buy a water softner

This is what we are doing with our tax return money. And of course saving some.

But we hope to get alot for this house if we decided to move to NC. It should be a few weeks before Tom hears anything back, cause his boss emailed the manager down in NC. And Tom's boss is off this whole week, so he won't know anything this week. I actually don't have anything planned this week. Just Ryan's class on Wednesday morning.

So if anyone wants to meet or email me!!!

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Eileen said...

Yay! We have some home improvement stuff on our to-do list, too. First things first, though - we need to get the baby's room in order quick! :) So glad you found Hershey!