Thursday, January 10, 2008

Over the hump! we made it over the hump (aka Wednesay). Now just two more days to go till the weekend. Actually I can't wait for today to be over. Tom is off tomorrow so I can get my physical and blood work done for school. I know Ryan would never sit still long enough for me to get all that done. Bad enough I have to take him with me to my OB/GYN appt on Monday. was horrible last night. You know "those girls" that kiss ass, and are all ditzy. Yeah well I got em in my class. You think they would act more mature, they must be right out of HS or something. Well we took our own blood last night and tested it to see what blood type we are. Its pretty cool. But I asked the teacher a question and she got really short with me. And then walked away from me. It was about the Rh factor in blood. Anyway....she is always so nice to "those girls". And I cried on the way home. I know that this is a challenge, and only the best people in life are challenged. I know I am gonna pass, and whether she wants to be mean to me, or make it hard. I am still gonna pass. :-)

So today, I went to Target with Ryan, they had toys 75% off. I got him a play laptop for $4.00. And we got diapers, stuff for school, ect. Today is my last day of class for the week. And my parents are coming over this weekend to help us watch Ryan, just cause Tom and I are getting burnt out. And we hardly ever get any help. So this is really nice. If we do go out. It will be the 3rd time in the 13 months since we had Ryan. will be nice. I know my parents are gonna leave exhausted. haha!

Well we just got home, and I get a paper cut bringing the mail in...uh it never fails. And I was hoping Ryan would nap, but he has as much energy as the enigizer bunny. 3 more hours till I go to class. It so relaxing in the lecture class, I bring some snacks, wear my sweats, put my feet up and chill., for 2 hours.
OH...BTW: New episode of Grey's Anatomy tonight. Finally its about time. Thanks to my DVR...I can watch it whenever. :-)
Ok..I am out.


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