Friday, January 11, 2008


Well today I had to get my immunizations for school. I got in my Left arm: tetanus, MMR, and TB test. And in my Right arm: Hep B. Wow...did it hurt. Then I had an ingrown toenail, so the doctor took a scalpel and sliced my toe without numbing it. So I am a walking diaster today.

On a good note, we went to a shelter to look at some dogs and we found one, we love!!! His name is Booster, he is a Pomeranian, Schipperke mix. And such a sweetie. They said he nips sometimes, and we got to take him for a walk, and Ryan was petting him, and Tom picked him up. And he didn't nip at any of us. For some reason I feel like they didn't want to let him go. Cause he is a sweet little guy. He pee peed outside. Which is great. And kept trying to leave with us. I feel like we clicked so well. So we put in our adoption process and they have to check references and we should have him by next week. I told Tom we can still look at other shelters and he said "No, I want that one." So we all really want Booster to be part of our family.

I also got in a fight with my parents today. And they are suppose to come up this weekend. They just yell at me and say I call too much. Well my mother is never home. She has issues and is a major shopaholic. She literally will go right to the stores from work and shop till they close. So I never find time to talk to them. And my dad was yelling at me saying I shouldn't call everyday. So I told them not to bother coming over tomorrow. And my dad was suppose to tell my mom that. And she left me a VM asking time they should come over. I never called back. I have always had issues with my parents. And alot of close friends and of course my husband, know that my parents have never treated me very well. Its sad. And I keep hoping things will get better and it doesn't. Ok..enough of me being sad.

Im getting a doggy!!! Here is a pic of him:

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Eileen Tully said...

What a cute, cute doggy! I hope you have no nipping problems...he looks so sweet! :)