Friday, January 25, 2008

My Dad's 50th

Back in the summer Tom suggested we take my dad to the Poconos Speedway to drive a racecar. I looked into it, and ask my sister and mom if they wanted to pitch in and they said YES. So I called and got all in the info. They told me I had to wait till January to book it. So I had to tell my dad about it cause I wanted to know if he was interested since it was $600. He said yes and gave me a date in June. So, a few weeks ago, I reminded my sister and mom that I would need their $200 to book it. And again, all said OK. They said they have been saving since I mentioned it in the summer. So I called today and booked it. And I emailed everyone to say I need their money this weekend. And my sister was coming up to visit me anyway. Well her cheap ass husband emails me back saying he doesnt have money on that short of notice. And can we pay his part. UM.....NO! So now I have to cancel it and pay $50 to cancel it. I am so beyond pissed off. And he controls my sister in so many ways...its not even funny. I am so mad. I was suppose to help do the favors for my sisters shower. But now, I am not. I am gonna UPS them to my mom and I am not going to the shower. When we (Tom and I) called my mom to tell her we had to cancel it and why...she just said "Oh ok." No one seems to care. My dad does so much for all of us, I really think he deserved this. And he was so excited to do it, too. So now Tom and I are gonna take JUST HIM out for his birthday, somewhere fun and nice.

This is just another example of how my family is. My thing now is to not talk to them for a while. They never seem to want to help me or care. I just got yelled at by my mom last week for calling her too much. Yeah...thats the kind of love I get. I know I sometimes say, everyone is doing GREAT, and I am doing well. But its kinda a front. I am embarressed by my family. And half the time people don't believe me when I say how bad things are. And how horrible they treat me.

Wow...I am really spilling my heart out. But I need to, I need people to know that this is how it is on a daily basis with them. I argue with them at least once a week. I am just sick of it. I can go on and on about other incidents, that they do. But my hand is tired, I have a headache, I'm tired, and frankly my dear I just don't give a damn. I have my new family now, who loves me, and never hurts me. and thats all I NEED! My thats why I the other part of me feels GREAT!


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