Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Potty Trainging and Puppy Searching

Well I am sooo excited to say, Ryan poopied on the toilet yesterday. He is doing wonderful. I was nervous for a while that he was maybe lacking behind, but this just proves me wrong. We bought him a smaller toilet seat, so he can sit on that and be more comfortable. This morning I think he was telling me he had to go and I just thought he was fussing and he went in is diaper..DARN!!

He also woke up at 5:30am, and I ignored him, and he went back to sleep till 7:30am. WOO-HOO!

We are still searching for a dog/puppy. We have now broadened our search. We are looking for a poodle mix. Something with lots of fur. And gentle with kids. I am being advised to actually get a puppy. But i don't know if I can housebreak and potty train two things at once. So we'll see. We are going out again this weekend. And looks like our schedule is filing back up again, which is nice.

Ryan starts the enrichment academy next week. And we have also have playdates, birthday parties, baby showers, ect. So looks like I will be keeping busy. I can't wait till Spring now. So many babies on the way, and nicer weather. I am so excited.

Ok...I am gonna lay down while Ryan is napping.


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