Saturday, January 26, 2008

Love is much deeper....

I was praying tonight. And I came to realize, that love is much deeper than its appearance.
Two examples:

1.) My birth experience, when having Ryan. I wanted a nice quiet labor, with me pushing, and Ryan comes out, and I cry and Tom kisses me, and we have our little family together. But didn't turn out anywhere near that. I had to have an emergency C/S and was so out of it from all the drugs. I don't remember much at all. But the outcome, was my son. And the love I have for him is so much more than a silly birth experience. So didn't turn out the way I wanted. It was much deeper than that, it was gaining the most precious thing in my life.

2.) Finding a dog. I wanted a cute little puppy, that I could dress up and tote around. And we got Hershey, who's looks..well lets just say he's a little mangy looking. But he is such a sweetheart. And so worth all the heartache and waiting. He laid on the couch with all night. He is in his cage for the night with his blanket, and not even making a peep.

Its just that finding something perfect in life, isn't getting the most glamour thing out there. Its the outcome of the hard times, that proves itself to be so worthwhile.

I know this sounds kinda confusing. I hope I made some sense. It means ALOT to me. Kinda like don't judge a book by its cover. Ya know?

Well I am off to bed.


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Eileen Tully said...

Hershey is so cute! So glad your search is looks like he's already so comfortable in your home! :) Congratulations!