Thursday, September 13, 2012


I know I am a few days late blogging about this. But its been taken me a few days to process all of it, again.
As I watch the TV specials on the incidents of 9/11/01, I cringe. I can't comprehend that something so horrific, something of that magnitude, was real. I can't imagine sitting in an office at work and looking at the window and seeing a plane right in front of me. I can't imagine hanging out of a window 100 stories high and having to jump. I can't imagine being on a plane, knowing I am going to die. I can't imagine any of this being someone's reality.
I ponder the question...WHY? HOW? We think by living in the US, that we are safe, and bad things don't happen here, but they do. I think more than we even know. But the attack on the WTCs made us all stop...stop and reflect on what is going on in this world. It makes us stop and appreciate life, in knowing that thousands of lives could be lost in a matter of minutes. Some people hate reliving the events, or seeing the images every year, but I feel like every year, 9/11 is a good day for us to just stop and remember how lucky we are to be alive and how lucky we are to have our loved ones still with us.

"Each tragedy in life is a lesson learned."

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