Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Here we go again!

So back in June, I had the sides of my toenails cut out and medicine put in so that it would not grow back. It doesn't look bad, just was painful and I had to soak them everyday. When it healed it looked normal, just my toenails wouldn't grow in the side of my toe, or wasn't suppose to.
So on Sunday I got a bad ingrown toenail again. I went to my foot doctor today, who told me, it grew back....very RARE...but it happened to me. So...I had it done again, this time with two kids with me. Getting a shot in the toe is by far THE WORST pain EVER!!!!!! Oh my word did it hurt. But we're hoping it will not grow back or I will have to have a more invasive surgery. Always something. Anyway, here is my toe after getting like 5 injections and you can see how infected and red and swollen my big toe was on that side.

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