Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goodbye Summer 2011

Can you believe that summer is almost over and autumn will be here in 26 days???
This summer has flown by. Ryan started school and Erik is almost 4 months old. I have been so busy this summer, yet vacation was not on my list of things I did. I was well for one, healing from my 2nd c-section and getting adjusted to a new baby again. Life is wonderful. :-)
This summer kinda went out with a bang. This past week alone, we had an earthquake and a hurricane. Insane!!!
So here is what the next few months look like:

  • Tom (taking online class, two more till he has his Masters)
  • Me, taking Chemistry this semester
  • Ryan started a new preschool and boy do these teachers have a bunch of field trips and parties planned.
  • Erik has his 4 mo appt soon :-( a shot appt. 
  • A mountain trip is planned next month. I am so excited to finally be getting away.
It's kinda bittersweet saying goodbye to summer. It means my baby is getting older, my son is back in school, and life is going forward in fast mode. I will miss my husband having summer hours at work (half day fridays). Going for family walks after dinner, and it still being light out. Just so many memories this summer.

As Fall approaches, there will be many new memories. I am so excited for Ryan's birthday he turns 5, can't I freeze him at this age? And Erik starting solid foods, and learning to crawl and walk. And of course Christmas is gonna be a blast. I truly love my family. And even though I have my bad (depression) days, that never changes.
So (raising my glass) here's to saving summer's memories, and looking forward to many more in the seasons to come. :-)


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