Monday, June 7, 2010


Just some random stuff to update my blog with. Here is the new, new decor of the living/dining room.

And here is my kitchen, all clean, and clutter free.
So between decorating my house, cleaning, and what not. We have swimming on Mondays, Wednesday I work with my personal trainer, and Thursdays are gymnastics. Thankfully Tom works a little later during the week, and has half day Fridays. Which is so nice, cause we usually spend our weekend here:

So overall Life is pretty good. Can't believe I will be 29 next week. I remember when I was 9, I couldn't wait to be 10 and be double digits. HAHA! Somedays I wish I was 9 again. I don't feel older, just more tired. If I had more energy, I think I would feel like I was a teenager again. Gosh, am I that old? UGH!!

Well have a FANTASTIC week!


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