Tuesday, June 15, 2010


What a CRAZY day. WOW!
First Ryan was up at 6:30am...ugh...it's my birthday, can't I sleep in??
So...we get up. And Ryan gets upset cause its not HIS birthday! So I call Tom, and he says Ryan can give me his birthday gifts. So I open Ryan's gifts and card. He got me a beautiful candle set, and a pink cover for my iPod touch. LOVED IT! The candles he picked out himself, and they look beautiful.
Then I had a job interview at noon. Then took Ryan to Chick Fil A. Then went to Target. Then came home, and had a super sore throat and saw a huge white blob on my tonsil, so I went to urgent care across the street. They did a strep test, came back negative. Then they did a second swab to send to the lab for a more precise testing. I come back home, and await Tom to come home. He makes a taco salad..yum! And we had my birthday cake, and then I got this from Tom:
So cool! I LOVE IT! So overall it was a good day, but alittle crazy. Just like me, I guess. HAHA!
And I totally felt loved with all of the facebook wishes from my friends. 

So here goes another year!!!

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