Tuesday, April 6, 2010

♫ I was a rich girl...

na na na na na na na na....♫

So I was thinking if I were rich what would I buy...hmmm. Here is a list I started:
  • Another DVR for my bedroom.
  • A TV for my son's room
  • A new bedroom set for my son.
  • Of course a bigger house.
  • My own gym in my house.
  • A couple more cars, of course a convertible mustang. :-)
  • A Nanny
  • A maid
  • A chef
  • An interior designer
  • I would get all my teeth fixed, but would be put to sleep to get it all done. 
  • A personal trainer
  • Some more pets, I love animals. 
  • A beach house or a lake house. 
  • A house in the mountains.
So what would you buy if you were rich??


1 comment:

Leighann said...

I guess I can check off one thing on the list, personal trainer. I paid and signed up for one on Friday. Just have to call the lady back to set up the day. :-)