Friday, February 5, 2010

Rain Rain, Go away!!!

Well the snow has mostly melted and now we have just steady rain all day. YUCK!
I really hate winter time. From January to April. Worst time of year. Can't ever go outside cause its either: too cold, raining or snowing. And nothing ever goes on, on the weekends. Everyone just sits inside their house, either sleeping or watching TV. No one has any money, we're all broke from Christmas. So...what are your plans for the weekend???
I am seriously considering a job again, unfortunately, not as a CNA. I just can't work with their schedule. So maybe something fun at the mall. I need something to do. Like school (yes, I am going back to Clayton College to work on my MASTERS degree in Natural Health), Yoga classes, and raising a 3 year old, isn't enough. HAHA! I am the type of person that always has to do something. I like going out, and I LOVE Drama. Ok..maybe not drama in my own life per say. But when something big happens and its all over the news. Or when Christmas is approaching and everyone is out and goes crazy. LOVE IT! I hate boring slow days. Maybe I should be careful for what I wish for. HAHA!


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