Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Doctors in Haiti

I love the show, The Doctors. And they went to Haiti. The episode was heartbreaking. Part 2 will be on Tuesday. I don't think that I thought that much about it at first. We know that there is loss and tragedy all over the world, even in our own country. Then I saw that episode. And I just prayed. I am a very sympathetic person, hence why I love working in the medical field. And then thinking of my own family and child. What would I do or how would I feel if my child was hurt or dying. Hearing him cry over a bump or scrape breaks my heart enough, I can't imagine what these mothers and fathers are feeling. They may live in a different country, speak a different language and even have a whole different culture, but they are still human. And they are hurting, from physical wounds, and emotional wounds.

Alot of people are sending this message around on facebook stating that they won't donate till someone helps our country first. Just think if your town or city had this happen and your child was screaming in pain, and you had no where to go, no food, no one to help you, what would you want??? They have no homes to live in. Think about nights, you probably don't even go out unless you have to. And you have a nice warm bed to lie in. You have pantries, and cabinets full of food and choices. And if you can't donate or won't donate, please just pray for them.



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