Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Snowing!!!!

Yup...we have some flurries. It's not laying, but always fun to see.
So here I am again with another sore throat. I am beginning to think its the heater. The vent is right above our bed. And Tom has also woken up with one over the past week or so. And by the end of the day its gone. So I know its not an infection or anything. I take my dose of Garlic and Echinacea and that usually helps. Maybe I will add some Motrin for the pain. I am just so sick of winter. Yeah the snow is pretty and we had our fun this year with it. But I am so ready for shorts, tshirts, flip flops, going outside in the sun. Last weekend we hit 68* and was wonderful. I sat in my rocking chair out front and soaked up the sun, it was soooo relaxing. What a tease that was.

I think NC is getting better with the snow. After as much as we have gotten this year. Cause by now...every school would be closed for just flurried, but nope...I saw school buses. Thats a good thing, cause I have many errands to run today. I am going to take library books back, take the movie we rented back, and then hitting Ross (my favorite store)...I love the prices and need to get some stuff. Oh and go to the town hall to sign Ryan up for some classes at the community center, if they have any spots. Well thats it for now.

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