Friday, March 13, 2009


Today was a cold, rainy day. We had a playdate at 10am, got there more like 10:30-10:45am. But that's ok. Ryan played with the kids, the moms were so nice. The kids made crafts and ate snacks.
We stopped at Hallmark to get my parent's a card. They put their dog down yesterday. It was my whole family's actually. We got him when I was around 13. So he has been in the family A LONG time.
So, then we came home, and had lunch. Ryan finally took a nap. I don't think he has napped all week. He is really starting to cut out naps. And I LOVE naptime.
Well its about 4:45pm, and my neighbor will be here in an hour. We are going to The Melting Pot for cheese and chocolate. I hope its not too crowded or too expensive.

Have a great weekend! Its suppose to be cold and rainy here all weekend. I am think I am gonna go to Kohl's and get Ryan the Cars Easter basket. And then get a massage. Ahhhh!!!


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