Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is Here...

and my allergies are at their best right now. I got that stomach bug back in January, actually its how I spent my New Years...barfing.
Then in February up until now I have had, what I thought was, head colds. Three of them. So now I am pretty sure its allergies. I can't see my immune system being that bad. If so, I should be in a hospital somewhere. I also had a bad pink eye, from sinuses. And that's mainly where these "colds/allergies" hurt. I get bad sinus headaches, and then BAM! So I washed all my sheets on my bed, opened the windows (which may be a bad idea, if thats what I am allergic to), and changed the air filters. I also have scheduled an allergy test for Friday morning. Bad thing is I can't take any allergy meds starting tomorrow. They want it all out of your system.
so that's about it. Me cleaning and feeling like crap.
Oh and it doesn't help when Ryan has been sick too. And then I go to the hospital and take care of more sick people. AHHHH!!! I am really exhausted too. Hasn't been fun lately. I just can't wait till school is over. It's so much work. I would rather go one day instead of 3 days a week. I hope I can find a job working every other weekend.
Well that's enough of me blabbing. Have a great weekend!


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