Saturday, January 3, 2009

It just keeps getting better.

I'm being sarcastic. Last night I was up from 8pm-6am getting very sick. The pukies and the diarrhea. Poor Ryan has been sick since Monday and has ended up vomiting at least once a day. I feel so bad for him, cause I know I feel horrible. My stomach muscles and back are so sore from getting sick. I have kept water, gatorade, and ICEE, and 3 crackers down today. So I am hoping by tomorrow, I get some strength back and am able to hold more solids down. I need to get better ASAP, cause I start school on Monday night. And God Bless Tom, he has been such a sweetie through all this. He laid with Ryan when he was sick, he waited on me hand and foot today, and even took care of Ryan and took him to the mall. And Ryan has been such a trooper even though I know how he feels. So....I am hoping we get past this...and I am so ready for Spring weather!!!


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