Monday, December 15, 2008

Prayers Needed

So I went to AC Moore tonight and this is a conversation I had with one of the employees, he must have been in his 50s.

EMPLOYEE: So is it getting cold out?
ME: Just a little.
EMPLOYEE: I am hoping for snow.
ME: Well I am from PA, so we are not hoping for snow.
EMPLOYEE: Well I am from Virginia and I miss it.
ME: Well maybe a little would be nice around Christmas.
EMPLOYEE: Yeah. So what brought you down here?
ME: My husband's job?
EMPLOYEE: No jobs in Pennsylvania?
ME: Well, he is in the Pharmaceutical field and there is more opportunity here for him.
EMPLOYEE: Oh, I just lost my job a few weeks ago at Supply Energy Co.
ME: I'm sorry.
EMPLOYEE: Well, I am thinking of moving, my wife died in August, and I have no reason to stay here.
ME: Well Pennsylvania is nice, especially the Poconos. No jobs, but really pretty.
EMPLOYEE: Yeah, I miss the mountains.
ME: Well Good Luck with everything.

Or something like that. Anyway, I felt so bad for him. Its Christmas, he lost his job (at least he is work PT at AC Moore), but lost his wife a few years ago. Its just sad. This year seems to be so rough on so many people. No wonder no one seems to be in the Christmas Spirit. So when I was laying in bed with Ryan, he held my hand, and we prayed. We prayed for those kinds of people, and thanked God for all that we have. And Ryan says "UH HUH". So cute.

Just had to share that. And make sure you send out some prayers tonight for those less fortunate than us. :-)

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