Friday, October 10, 2008

Bailout Plan??

Ok, this whole bailout plan pisses me off. I am sorry. But if you couldn't afford a house, and you knew you couldn't, why would you buy it? And you can't blame the bank 100%, cause these people know how much they make and can afford. Its like getting a credit card, maxing it out, and expecting someone else to pay it off. I took a huge lose on my home, and now have to take out another loan just to pay off my house in PA. And guess what, the government isn't helping us. Their not bailing us out of debt. I am just sick of hearing about it.
Oh and another thing, this country wouldn't be in some trillion dollar debt if we would stop giving it to all these other countries and used it for ourselves. Money gets me soooo revved up. Like my parents always told me, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. And the middle class, well we get stuck in the middle (hence the name of the class), and have to work hard to get the average things. Some people I know, deserve alot more than what they have. I just wish this country wasn't so gun ho over money all the time. We have much more in this country that is priceless.

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