Sunday, September 14, 2008

Moving again?

Ok, so we have been here in NC since the beginning of June. And can you believe we got a letter from our apartment complex, that they need to know by the end of this month if we want to stay cause our lease is up in November. The rent will go up, and renting furniture is $200 a month. So we are looking at other apartments in the area. If we can get a townhome or flat with attached garage for same price we will move. We looked at one today that is a 3 bedroom flat, vaulted ceilings, his and her closets, and big oval (garden) tubs with an attached garage for what we pay now. may be better to make the move. The only thing I really like about my apartment now is that the mail and trash is basically right outside our building. So I can leave Ryan in the apartment to go get my mail. And its super safe. and the playground is right next to us too. So it has its pros and cons. But if our house sells, we will need to get storage too, where as if we had a garage attached, we would use that as storage. And if it was bigger, we would plan on staying in an apartment until next spring. Cause the housing market will be better than, and have more homes available.
WHEW! So its been really crazy here lately. Its in the mid 90s and stifeling HOT! We have been looking at apartments alllll day, and about to go out in an hour again.

Well have a great weekend, and keep in touch, y'all!!!

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