Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Ok..so I have to vent about all the stress I have been dealing with.
Well Saturday night, I never slept at all. I just couldn't sleep. I was on the computer, then laid in bed, then on the couch, then watched TV, then read a magazine. NOTHING helped. All I wanted to do was go to sleep.
I have bladder spasms.
I have had a couple issues with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).
And I have had 2-3 panic attacks lately.

And the culprit...our house in PA. We have lowered the price so much, we now have to pay out of our own pocket. We literally cannot afford to lower it anymore. We do not live close by to keep up with the house. We have my B-I-L who goes up once a week to cut the grass. And my parents go up once a month to clean. Its a burden to keep asking people. So we have a new realtor who said we are doing everything right. I know its a bad market, but that doesn't help me with our situation. I really really wanted to be in a house by Christmas. This dream is now ruined. First we have to get an offer, than they have to get a homeowners inspection, then we have to do settlement and move our stuff out. This I am sure will take several weeks. Then I have to find a house here, and do all that stuff here. There is just no hope.

And part# 2 of my stress. A toddler is not easy to raise, especially when you stay home with them all day. I took Ryan to get some DVDs today. But he still gets ansy.
And even when Tom gets home from work, he is busy getting settled in, and then he makes dinner (I can't complain here), and he feeds Ryan. But after that, no matter where Tom sits or no mater what he does, Ryan still bugs me. I literally have to go in the bedroom at nights to get a break. I would consider getting a job, but I only want to work 2-3 nights a week. No weekends. And most jobs aren't up for the no weekends part. So I thought of volunteering. I still have to look that info up.
Volunteering is really relaxing and no pressure with no commitment.

Well now I have a bad case of the hiccups and I promised Ryan, I would watch Handy Manny with him.


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