Saturday, August 2, 2008

Weeeee'rrrrreeee Baaaack!

We're home from our week vaca down in OC, MD. Was nice, had fin, got worn out. I am so beached out right now. And looking at the apartment, I have soooo much cleaning to do. We were in the car for 8 hours today. UGH!
Anyway, Ryan got sick last night. This child can never go on a vacation without getting sick, it never fails. It's either teething or a cold. He is all congested, and coughing. We did all the regulatory stuff for a child under the age of 2, such as: Humidifier, Prop the mattress up, suck out the nose mucous, Tylenol and Motrin. So I am gonna wait a few days and see how he does. I know that going to the doctors won't help, unless he has a fever (which he doesn't). Cause the doctor is gonna tell me what I already know (see above.) So I might as well save the $15-$20.

Well Ryan finally fell asleep and I am eating fries from Bojangles and drinking a Sweet Tea. Gotta Love the South!


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Eileen said...

Poor Ryan! Glad you guys are back safe and sound. Now you need a vacation from the vacation! :)