Thursday, August 14, 2008


Ever since we came back from our vacation, I have been soooo tired. I guess it doesn't help that we spend all night trying to get Ryan to go to sleep. He won't sleep unless me or Tom is laying with him, and he has to be so exhausted that he falls asleep, this is usually happening around 9pm. And this morning, he woke up at 6am.
And things wouldn't be so bad, if Ryan wasn't so clingy. He is just always literally right next to me. And if I don't give him my full undivided attention, he fusses. Even when Tom gets home, and I go into the bedroom just to be alone for a half an hour or so. Ryan is banging at the door and starts crying. Its just gotten to be way too much. And I really don't know what to do. I know Tom is tired when he gets home from work. And somedays he is just too tired to take over full duty the rest of the night.

And as I write this, Ryan just walked over and it smells like he has a dirty diaper. Its literally like I have to do something constantly, it can never be a moment where I can just lay down with him. Its always him fussing, he wants this, he wants that. Ryan has an appointment with his Pediatrician in September, he is due for one of his shots then, and I am gonna talk to to doctor about this. Its not like I can put him in daycare, cause I don't work. And I am not planning on staying in this area long enough to get a job. Its just a crazy time.

Speaking of moving. That brings me to the topic of our house in PA. We finally have a new realtor who is really on the ball with things. We have an open house this Sunday. So please send prayers!! Thanks!

Off to change a diaper!

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Momma Will said...

I definitely hear you on this. Ethan has been throwing horrible tantrums if we say no, even if we sugget saying no. He just flies off the wall. He has been crying so hard lately... driving me nuts!! Not to mention wanting to be picked up constantly- and I just can't be doing that right now. I hope they both get over this phase quickly!!