Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Being a woman...

sucks sometimes. I have a yeast infection or UTI, one of em. All I know is that its burning down there, and I have cramps. The soonest I can see a Dr is Thursday at 2pm. And I have to take Ryan with me. FUN!
So anyway, we went to the library. Ryan got 2 Blue's Clues books and a Dora book. Then I went to McDonalds to get my Free Iced Coffee. Its ok..it needed LOTS of sugar.
So now, I am bored online and Ryan is sitting on the blanket on the floor watching WOW WOW Wubbzy.
I am hoping he naps, I may have to go lay on the floor with him. Summer is starting to wind down, even though its still HOT here in NC. Just seems boring anymore. Hopefully the Fall TV shows will start soon. I just want to move so bad. I miss DVR and Digital Cable, and a HOUSE!! Please send some prayers for me that my house sells before November. That's all I want. THANKS!!

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