Thursday, July 17, 2008

Update on Ryan

I thought I would just post an update on my sweet, wonderful, son, RYAN!
He has just been doing great since we moved to NC. I was really worried for a while, he was just mumbling baby talk, and wasn't doing alot of things other kids his age were. And then we moved to this lovely state, and BAM! he started doing all this stuff. He talks alot, he still does some of the "baby talk", but he repeats alot of words such as:
Mama, Dada, Baba, Ball, Plane, Blue, Green, Cake, Ziti, Cat, Car, Map, Backpack, Grammy, Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop, Ryan, Snake, Knees, Shoes. (and possibly more)

He can make animal sounds (with just me saying the animal name): Cat, Dog, Snake, Sheep, Cow, Horse, Turkey, Elephant, Pig, Duck.

And he can count to 3 (Last night, we counted up to 10 together).
Its just amazing what he is doing now.

We go to My Gym (Its a Gym/Gymnastics plase for kids), yesterday he walked a balance beam, Swung on the rings, jumped on the tramploine, went up and down a few slides.

We also go on Tuesdays to storytime, which is just great. Miss M, has a monkey puppet, and she teaches the kids colors, numbers, and we sing great songs. She has a CDplayer, and when we go in the kids have to give her their ticket, and there is a song playing called "Good Morning" and the songs are just great, I find myself singing them throughout the day. And they get a stamp on the hand at the end. And each week is a new theme.

And tomorrow, Ryan and I are meeting up with Tom's bosses' wife and her daughter at the Natural Museum (it has indoor and outdoor stuff). We just were there a few weekends ago, its great.

So today, we might go to the pool for a bit, and just chill. We have had a busy week. And Sunday I am gonna take him to get his portraits done with a beach background. :-)

And here are some pics of Ryan:

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