Sunday, July 20, 2008


UGH....I am so Blah this morning. Yesterday we went to the mall. And I couldn't find any cute clothes. Maybe I am just getting older, those girly boutiques have some crazy styles. So I ended up going to Durham to shop at these stores called: Dots and Rainbow and Walmart. And the shopping center was in the ghetto, big time. WOAH! I did find a cute pair of plaid shorts and a black tshirt.
And I also bought Ryan the Crayola Bath Crayons, soooo much fun!

Well today we are going to get Ryan's portraits done. Click here to view their site. They are cheap. Here is what you get for $9.95:
One 10x13
Two 8x10
Four 5x7
Four 3x5
And 32 Wallets
PLUS: 6 Free Personalized Portrait Cards

And they have a beach background. Its gonna look sooooo good. I will post them on here as soon as I get home.

Well I have to start laundry and get a shower. Sundays are our blah days.

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!! Let me know what you all did.


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