Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Update on North Carolina

Well this has been such a hard decision. Tom and I want to go so badly, even though we will miss our family and friends, things there will just be easier for us. And its hard sometimes when people get angry at you for wanting to move, especially your own family. So I have been in such a battle between what I wanna do and what others want me to do. And from past regrets, I now know that I should be doing what I want to do. So...are we going to NC or not?

Well Tom came home last night and told me that his boss (who used to work in NC and knows the people down there) asked him if he would be able to do training down there next month if he were to get the job. And it would only be a week, so Tom said Yes. And then his boss told him to expect a phone call sometime this week or next week from them. So...we are getting more optimistic that he got the job. And if he goes for training, Ryan and I will go with him again, so we can look at houses. And hopefully find one on this trip. And before we go, put our house up for sale, so buyers can look at it while we are gone. That seems to be our plan. Now I know its gonna be hard to travel with Ryan, it was last time. But I just can't be away from him a whole week. And if you have small children, you totally understand me. Overnight is torture, I couldn't imagine a whole week. My husband has no problem with it, but he is not a mommy. I am so close to Ryan. So...we are gonna tough it out. And hopefully the next time we have to go down there, it will be for good.
Now all we have to do is wait for that phone call.

And I will miss all my friends and family alot. But its getting harder here, with really nothing for Ryan to do, my yard is so uneven and with the pool, he has nowhere to run. Tom commutes an hour each way, and to buy a house closer to his work, your looking at 300-400,000. And we cant afford that. Gas prices are going up, which makes his commute more expensive. And the town of Exeter that we live in was suppose to be building up, but with the economy its just one business after another closing around here. We feel like we are sinking lower and lower the more we stay here. And NC would be a breath of fresh air for us. And if we do move, we will be back to visit, and you all are always welcomed in my home, wherever I go!

That's all for now, folks!

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Eileen said...

Oh wow - I'm so excited for you! It does sound like he's either got the job or he's one of the top choices!! I'll keep praying that everything goes smoothly!