Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I guess were not meant to have a dog :-(

Well after another stressful day with the dog, we decided he should go back. We tried it, and it didn't work out. Hershey would run around like crazy during the day, he would chew on Ryan's toys, he had to be put on a leash to go outside (cause he kept getting out), he would bark at everyone that walked outside. So today he ran in front of Ryan and Ryan fell on his face in the kitchen and his nose was bleeding (Thank God it wasnt broke, just sore). And then when Ryan was napping, Hershey started his barking and woke up Ryan. And on the other side, Ryan was always in the dog's food, and dumped the dog's water all over. I couldn't keep up with it anymore. And the fact that the dog bite Tom, and snapped at me and Ryan. So we decided this was enough, and back he went. The shelter was really nice to us, they apologized that he acted that way, and gave us a card in case something else comes in to the shelter. But I think we're gonna take a break for a while.

And onto other things: I am so stressed with this NC possible move. I hate not knowing, we can't do much until we find out what we are doing. I can't look for a job, I can't look for another school, we can't buy a new car, nothing. And the suspense is horrible. I wish it was Friday, I have a fun weekend planned. So I am pretty excited about that.
Ok..its after 11pm and I am getting tired.


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