Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Busy Night, Busy Day!

Last night, Ryan was up with a 102.1 fever. I took him to his doctor's this morning, and they think its from teething, and maybe a touch of a stomach bug, that Tom and I both have.

And we leave for NC tomorrow morning. YAY! I am excited, but nervous that one of us might get really sick, like last vaca when Ryan ended up in the ER for a virus.

So anyway...I have to pack and clean, and pick up dry cleaning, while Tom is at work. And Ryan is napping right now, so after a busy night and a busy day ahead, I think I am gonna catch some shut eye for a bit.

Pics of NC to come.

Oh, here is one of my nephew (in the outfit I bought him: Can you believe that is a preemie size?)

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