Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Life can be cruel....

Well where do I start? Fighting with school, fighting with my mother, trying to patch things up with my sister, and hoping to run away to NC.
WOW! Yeah its been like that lately. I just sat in my bed last night with Tom, and was speechless. I told him I was so disgusted at how things have been going lately. And it seems the harder I try to be the better person, the worse things get.
And they cancelled Ryan's class today. Which I am so bummed about, cause it was the Valentine's Party. And they aren't rescheduling it. Its just gonna continue next week. And I do have a playdate this Friday though, so that should make up for it. I don't know how I feel about this Valentine's Day. I just am like..BLAH! Ryan and I still have to make or buy a card for Tom. But with the roads still yucky, I don't know if we're gonna be able to get out. And I have lab tonight, which I am not looking forward too, since my lab partner got snotty on me. And its 3 hours long. So I am gonna do what I gotta do, and leave!! That schools has given me enough crap, I just don't even wanna deal with it.

Well on a positve side: I get to meet one of my favorite authors next week with my mother in law. The author is Lisa Scottoline, she writes mysteries. Girly ones. So that should be fun. I am hoping the line isn't out to wazoo. Cause I have to wait for Tom to get home, then drive 30 mins during rush hour on a Friday night to get there. See...I am so negative lately. I seem to pull out the negative in everything.

Oh...I need some positive energy in my life. Feel free, anyone, to send some my way. :-)

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